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We pride ourselves in representing regular people and small business, not corporate interests, in a wide range of legal matters.

Have You Been Injured Through No Fault of Your Own?

Few people realize how devastating an injury can be until it happens to them. Injured people are forced from their jobs, losing wages while incurring medical bills, leaving them between a rock and a hard place. We understand the 'ins and outs' of the insurance claim process and know how to document your claim. We work with you to obtain the recovery that your case deserves. If an insurance company or corporate wrongdoer refuses to be a 'good neighbor' and covers its 'good hands' with boxing gloves, we are not afraid of a fight and have a long history of standing up for our clients. We will tell you the truth and honestly evaluate your case. We guarantee that our clients will have regular access to their lawyer, not just a paralegal or secretary. So if you have been hurt by someone else, give us a call. The consultation is always free and you can decide then whether we are the right lawyers for you.